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Greetings, my sessions focus on relaxing and improving your over all ability to experience healthy, pleasurable sensations in the body. I use human touch and dialog to awaken the body to a deeper, more complete experience. My massage style will integrate European and Asian techniques with American ingenuity.

The approach here is based on classical antiquity, when individuals were free to express themselves.  Today, a true 'Vitruvian Man' is one who can move and allow his body to feel and respond with passion.

Modern cultural and social mores have created a stressed environment for us. Our session together is about awakening and relaxing the somatic body. The concept of Kundalini can be thought of as a rich source of libidinous and physical energy that activates' greater health and mobility.

Hours, Services & Location



I am available Mon. - Sat. from 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM, and Sun. 1:00 PM - 10:00 PM.

A 60 minute full body Tune-up massage is $60, 1.5 hour Kundalini bodywork session is $90, 2 hour Pink Tantric massage treatment is $120. My massage style integrate's pleasurable bodywork and full body massage for everyone. Please note that I only do in call appointments and receive cash for services at my studio. Meter and lot parking is available. I am located above Café Maude directly across from Loring Park, near downtown at 1614 Harmon Place (Link Goggle Map).

Please call 612.868.3704, text, or email Larry to make an appointment. Thanks
Ambience at the Healing Studio
  • The work space is temperature controlled, clean, and private.
  • The massage is done on a large professional massage table.
  • The washroom is right next store for easy access.
  • Sheets and linens are professionally cleaned.
  • You have a choice between scented and non-scented lotions.
  • DAC 7.1 surround sound music is offered for your relaxation.



My services can provide you the possibility to expand your boundaries and feel empowerment through the act of trust and exchange. Being in a Tantric way is accomplished by letting-go of your bodily inhibitions and expressing free will. Touch can reactivate unconscious cellular memory that is stored in the tissues known as feelings. Most of the people who come to see me usually have one foot on the brake and the other on the gas, and some even the parking brake too. I create a safe environment for you to take the brakes off without harm, permitting the experience of a full body massage.

I use human touch, dialog, and sometimes vibrational tools to awaken the body to a deeper sense of pleasure and relaxation. Tantric communication between your hard drive and peripherals is absolute. Systems are rebooted and integrated when necessary, removing old programs and applications that has become obsolete. My work can further enhance and help optimize your network, boosting your body's performance and power.

The Kinsey Reports and American Psychological Association on human sexual behavior concludes that we are all individually special and quite unique. Tantra is about non-judgement and freedom, expressing oneself in the most pleasurable way that leads to greater health and well-being.







Education - Training - Experience                         

I have worked with a diverse clientele throughout the United States, bringing over 39 years of experience in personal training and yoga, 35 years in Eastern and Western bodywork and massage, and 9 years in Pink Tantra to you. My ability to blend structural bodywork with energy work is quite unique. The practice has evolved from medical, orthopedic massage to Pink Tantra and Kundalini Bodywork.

IT is the language and skill platform in today's world.
Get the advanced body management certification from Larry, and leave Microsoft, Oracle, and Java at the computer.
 Execute Tantric strategies effectively by going beyond standard robotic and operational programming.
Create a new framework that has multi-modal recognition, intentional interpretation, and prioritized organismic execution.

Sessions will validate your skill level for implementation.
Fire walls (network security) and hard drive partitions are recalibrated for optimal performance and minimal libido interference.
 Systemic expansion of you're processing core with volume optimization, defragmentation, and repair is included.

The development of embedded technological ecosystem and nanoscience is advancing the field of medicine. Nano bio-feed back technique is quite helpful for my clients in re-discovering how to move their energy.

You can effectively awaken your biological functions with Pink Tantric massage.
A full detail description of my experience, training, and education can be found at my new web site My fitness status is evaluated at master specialist level as you will see when you come in for your appointment.




Pink Tantra is about massage in motion. It is dynamic, fluid, and orgasmic in nature. A body connection that restores and reconnects you with non-judgmental feelings of passion. Being fully engaged with less guardedness and reservation is the idea.

Massage and bodywork that create's release, followed by relaxation finds the true still point in health.

My approach can help you to clear your energy blockages that have accumulated over the years and are still stored in the body. By releasing these blockages you will become more self-empowered, physically connected, and able to move through life with greater ease.

Deep, sensitive touch will locate and release these blockages with your permission, creating for you a freer uninhibited body. The process is accomplished through moving Kundalini energy with my specific hand positions and guided breath work. Tension, stress, and discomfort will melt away under the warm and nurturing touch of my hands.


Healing The Whole Body: Full Body Massage & Bodywork

The power of pleasure comes from within.

Feeling oneself is a matter of introspection.

Being in the moment of your truth and letting-go of it.

The epiphany, heightened insight is pure orgasmic.

It is found when spirit, mind and body unite.

Serenity and peace follows.

The theme here is compassionate understanding of who we are.
My sessions help you to let-go and be honest with your passions.
Sexual, emotional suppression can lead to disease and unhappiness. 
A healthy prostate goes a long way.
Be happy and come out and feel the pleasure of touch.

Pleasure is natural and unrehearsed.